Nordic Fund Industry Outlook 2017

We have just completed the annual Nordic Fund Industry Outlook report, available exclusively to FBNW subscribers. The report aims to provide high-level insight on the current state as well as the future development of the Nordic asset management industry, by identifying key challenges and opportunities in the coming 12 months.

In addition to our ongoing editorial coverage of the Nordic asset management industry, we also benefitted from the input from some 50 respondents to an online survey (36 per cent of the answers came from institutional investors, while 64 per cent came from fund company representatives).

Some of the findings in the report are summarised below.

·     Close to half of fund companies in our survey considered the continued insourcing of assets among institutional investors as a big challenge going forward.

·     6.3 per cent of fund companies are planning to open an office in the Nordic region in 2017.

·     Some 65 per cent of institutional investors taking the survey said that political risk is one of the themes most likely to influence their thinking over the next 12 months.

·     Private debt/loans will be one of the most popular asset classes in 2017 with several investors looking to increase their allocation.

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